Learning to Love Food Again: Alpha Gal Allergy

Alpha-Gal is an allergy to non-primate mammals caused by tick bites.  The “meat allergy”causes allergic reactions, varying from hives to anaphylactic shock.  The reactions occur a few hours after consumption of beef, pork, lamb, venison, and often dairy.

I felt lost when I was first diagnosed.  The University of Virginia has great educational information, but I needed recipes that would satisfy my family of 5, plus keep me safe.  I can eat these recipes without reaction, and every one has been tried and taste-tested by my meat-loving family and has won their approval.  I’ll often include recipe tweaks you can do after the food is plated to make it a bit more tasty for the non-allergic peeps at your table.

Always talk with your doctor about what is safe for YOU to eat.  Everyone with alpha gal has different levels of reactions to ingredients.